The Enterprise SDA School has been a great blessing to our kids and our family. Our daughters attended the school at different grade levels, even up to 9th grade. The atmosphere of the school was more like a family, rather than a school. The smaller class sizes made it possible to have more one-on-one time with the teacher, as well has giving the kids a much better opportunity to get to know their class mates. 

The spiritual atmosphere was important to us. Knowing that the science classes were taught from a biblical understanding of creation gave us the assurance that our kids were be learning sound principles of our origins. Coming from a christian viewpoint in all the classes was assuring to us as parents. 

The education that our daughters received from the Enterprise SDA School prepared them well as they advanced in their schooling. They have excelled in their high school and college courses. 

We have been blessed for having such a quality christian school with excellent teachers, and high educational principles in this small community. 

Ken Rose MD



Having our children attend the SDA School has been a great experience and a

wonderful opportunity for our family. Those who operate the school have

been very helpful, kind and friendly. The smaller class sizes have really

been great for our kids, affording them a high amount of one-on-one with

teachers, and has given them the chance to learn by helping to teach their

younger classmates. Our children's grades have improved markedly over the

time we've had them enrolled in the SDA school. The quality of education

has been very good, and the flexibility of the teachers has allowed them to

change curricula if something is just not working, eliminating a lot of

frustration for the children as well as for us as parents helping them at



We've greatly appreciated the strong Christian values that are maintained

at the school. What a blessing it has been to have the biblical concepts

our kids are taught at home, being reinforced by their teachers at school!

Even though we belong to a different denomination, we've enjoyed the

opportunities our children have had to pray and study the scriptures with

children of many other faiths that attend the school.


The SDA school places a strong emphasis on personal accountability and

self-reliance, two principles which we find are lacking among children and

youth today. We've seen the benefits of them learning how to study and

prepare, and have shared their pride when they've earned recognition for

achievements in academics.


We, as parents, give our highest recommendation for the SDA school, and

share this testimonial in hopes that you might consider having your child

attend the SDA school this year. Since we made the decision to enroll our

children here, we've never looked back. It has truly been a blessing for

our family.



Chad and Amy Nash





As parents who sent our children to Enterprise Seventh Day Adventist School, we are

very grateful for the educational experience each one received. The personalized,

caring approach of their teachers, high scholastic standards, blended with a

Christian emphasis of developing the whole person, set a strong foundational path

from which they've continued to flourish. 


Christy and Larry Davy, parents of 3 former students

The Enterprise Seventh-Day Adventist School was more than the sturdy

cornerstone for my educational career, it built a great foundation for my

entire life. I had the pleasure of attending the SDA School for K - 8th

grades before joining public education for High School. The SDA school did

more than teach me a great amount of information, it taught me how to learn

effectively. Beyond High School, this foundation helped me graduate Magna

Cum Laude from a top engineering school and pass my FE exams. Arguably more

importantly, the school taught me life lessons and morals about teamwork,

community, faith, and life balance that will remain with me forever. Along

with the school there is an extremely supportive Church group that is

always willing to help out the school and the families. I count myself

among the lucky few that have such a strong foundation beyond family and I

have the Enterprise SDA Christian School to thank for it. 


- Dan Piper, Former Student


I can honestly say I would have never made it where I am today were it not

for the Enterprise Seventh Day Adventist school and my teachers Dan Webster

and Bonnie Bowman. Not only did I receive a top tier education, I was also

given a great background in ethical behavior and just being a decent human

being. I would recommend to anyone looking for a school for the children to

choose a Christian education and the Enterprise SDA Christian school is a great place for it.  


- Mark Piper, Former Student



I clearly remember the first day my siblings and I attended class on the

hill, at Enterprise SDA Christian School.

We were met with two friendly and warm Teachers, cheery classrooms, a

handful of parents, and dozens of new friends of varied ages ready to

include us. There were the "big kids" whom we felt such awe and respect for

as scholars in their more advanced classroom; a few were sitting around a

table with textbooks open, in a group science discussion with a Teacher. We

started in the "little kid" classroom and practiced writing our letters,

where another kind Teacher sat with me and demonstrated how to form letters

which all point neatly the same direction. She explained how my letters

could all slant backward, upright, or forward, and that I could choose how

I preferred to do it as long as they all point the same way it would be a

great success. I liked her so much.

Over the years these people invested generously in us and our peers, they

cared that we succeed and even thrive. They not only contributed to our

learning of these basic subjects, but also instilled in us values that have

lasted a lifetime. I am thankful to this day.

When a child is given opportunity to be planted among supportive and loving

teachers and classmates, it can change a life trajectory. 

 - Leah Davy, Former Student


We are so thankful for the SDA Christian School. We started our

daughter there 2 years ago and immediately saw the care and concern for their

students. Not just for grades or performance but for the student as a whole...

character, attitude, and respect of others. This has made a great impact on our

daughter as well as our family. We have seen her grow in her care of others in this

time. It is such a blessing to know that our daughter is in a safe environment,

that she enjoys and thrives there. We also like that there is the opportunity to

learn and advance according to their needs. Our younger son will be attending this

fall and can't wait. We highly recommend the SDA school to other parents for

their children. The very reasonable cost is highly worth it, you will not be


 - Sincerely, Neal and Corinne Isley, Parents


I’m Kana Oliver, an upcoming junior at Joseph Charter School this fall.

I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school while being a two-sport

athlete. My freshman year, I was the ASB and FCCLA secretary. I was elected

to be the ASB and FCCLA President in the 2017-2018 school year. While I’m

proud to be a Joseph Eagle, my foundation comes from the Enterprise SDA Christian School.


I joined SDA during my kindergarten year and stayed throughout eighth

grade. SDA prepared me for high school and the rest of my life. I didn’t

realize it at the time, but SDA was my foundation. A lot of people simply

look at the title “Seventh Day Adventist” and stop there. Yes, we did

worship every morning, we had a bible class, we prayed before lunch and at

the end of the day, but our teachers were respectful. They didn’t ridicule

other religions, or lack thereof, that students had. Instead, they urged us

to keep an open mind.


Personally, I’m not very religious. I don’t practice religion, but I’m not

an atheist. I grew up wondering what I thought and what was right. For a

long time, I thought all religions fought against each other, but I’ve

found the Seventh Day Adventist (especially the school) to be one of the

most accepting. My teachers were aware that I wasn’t a Seventh Day

Adventist. We respected each other. I don’t remember a single argument

between teacher and student over religion in my nine years at SDA. If

anything, there was a simple debate, and we moved on. While they do regard

religion as a high priority, they are aware that knowledge and education is

far more important than anything else. They did not teach us opinion, they

taught us fact.


As I mentioned before, I’m happy to be at Joseph Charter School. In no way

am I attacking Joseph’s education system and how they teach, I’m simply

stating the benefits of attending the Enterprise Seventh Day Adventist

School. SDA had a great math program. Most of the time, students from SDA

were about one year ahead of public school students. When I joined Joseph

Charter School as a freshman, I enrolled in Algebra I. Soon, I found that I

had already learned the material at SDA. I was able to move up to Geometry.

SDA also greatly benefited my English skills. They taught grammar and

spelling from K-8th grade. We learned more sentence structure than most of

my peers at Joseph. Because of SDA’s English preparations, I had the

highest English score in the PSAT for my grade.


While it is evident SDA helped with my academics, it also developed me as a

person. In the small classrooms, the teacher was able to help students

one-on-one which really benefited all of us. However, to succeed at SDA,

students must be dedicated and hard-working. I learned the importance of

time management. I also learned behavior and manners. I don’t remember

there ever being emotional or physical violence (bullies) at SDA. The

teachers were close with the students and cared about each and every one of

us. Therefore, if there was any danger to a student, the teachers were

motivated on a personal level to help.


To tell you the truth, I miss SDA. The school was a family--different, but

we managed to get along. I still feel connected to my teachers, Bonnie

Bowman and Dan Webster. Some students are lucky enough to have a teacher

they trust and truly cares about them, I have two. I’m beyond grateful for

my nine years at SDA. I really cannot explain how much I loved the school

and everything about it. Thank you for being my foundation.

 - Kana Oliver, Former Student